Sorting Machines Market to Undertake Strapping Growth During 2017 – 2025

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New study titled “Sorting Machines Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 – 2025” presents a comprehensive regional assessment and detailed segmental analysis

Sorting Machines Market: Introduction

Sorting is arranging items in systematical way or grouping similar items. Sorting Machines are used to separate things into predetermined ways. Sorting Machines are designed to make things easier and the Sorting Machine techniques can be optical sorting, digital sorting, sensor sorting, magnet sorting and many more and these equipment sort objects on the basis of color, structural properties, weight, size, chemical composition, shape etc. in automated manner.  Color sorting machine technology can be camera, X-ray, Laser, LED based, Hyper Spectral Imaging. Food sorting machines are integration of mechanical and optical sorting technologies.

Functions performed by these sorting machines can be aligning, packaging, distributing, transporting, collecting, defect removal etc. thereby expediting the processes.

Sorting Machines are used in distribution, packaging, food processing, mining, recycling, waste management, chemical, plastic industries. Another Major application of sorting machines is they are also used for Note Sorting.

Sorting Machines Market: Dynamics

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Increased production capacity of consumer goods and simultaneous monitoring of the batch products manufactured is a primary factor for employment of sorting machines in respective end use industries. Growing concern of food quality is the primary driver of Sorting Machine Market in the growing urbanization. The Sorting Machines market is expected to witness potential growth in Food industry as they are used in the food processing industry to ensure the quality of raw material used. Pharmaceutical industry is another prominent segment which is projected to facilitate a greater share of sorting machines for continuous batch production process. 

Improved automation technologies in Sorting Machines is increasing adoption of Sorting Machines as it reduces operation, maintenance and waste management cost. Also, Productivity can also be greatly improved by use of Sorting Machines, Therefor Sorting Machines market is expected to see huge market growth in coming future.

Governments across the globe has implemented strict policies to reduce waste reduction, Recycling and food safety and these stringent policies must be followed by all the organization involved in such sectors, hence ultimately boosting the demand of Sorting Machines and its Market growth. 

Emerging Economy and shift of mining activities toward it will generate more demand of Sorting Machines in the Market thus impacting the growth of Sorting equipment Industry.

However, the restraining factor of the sorting machine market is that these Sorting Machines are costly equipment and their number of extra parts adds extra cost making it very expensive. Also the existing installed base which has a fair shelf life will cause limited growth of the market where relatively less number of new units is likely to be procured by end users. Slowdown of manufacturing sector in developed economic countries is another factor as a deterrent for the growth of Sorting Machines market.

Sorting Machines Market: Segmentation

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On the Basis of Product type, the Sorting Machine Market is segmented as follow: Belt Sorters Freefall Sorters Channel Sorter Automated Defect Removal (ADR) Sorters

On the Basis of Application, the Sorting Machine Market is segmented as follow: Food Industry Chemical Industry Plastic Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Wood Industry Packaging Agriculture

Sorting Machines Market: Regional Outlook

Europe dominates the market of Sorting Machines and is expected to maintain its position in coming years as the regions increasing focus on high degree efficiency and precision in removing impurities from food products thus boosting the market growth and adoption of Sorting Equipment.

United states government has implemented regulations under the Environmental Protection Agency about the policies of protection of state environment and   management of waste, and the segregation of waste, sorting of wastes, mining activities has set of requirements of Sorting equipment. Thus current critical environment condition and stringent rule of US in the region will call for increasing number of Sorting Machines and is expected to see potential growth.

Asia Pacific owns sizable market in Sorting Machines as growth in pharmaceutical, FMCG, food & beverages sector in the region will significantly drive the Sorting Machine Market in the forecast period.

Sorting Machines Market: Key Players Tomra Bühler Sortex BarcoVision Sesotec Aweta Raytec Vision Daewon GSE Bühler Sortex BT-Wolfgang Binder Concept Engineers

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